Disney Releases Star Wars 3.5: Revenge on the Nerd, with Legos

Disney's announcement that it had purchased LucasFilms on Tuesday set fanboys and casual fans atwitter with the added news that Star Wars Episode VII would be released in 2015.

Star Wars Lego Boba Fett with painted arms and legs from Cloud City set # 10123
Sold for $165 on Ebay.
Danish plastic: worth
its weight in gold.  
I'm not quite a comic-con weirdo when it comes to Star Wars.  But I do know the movies really well, and collected tons of memorabilia over the years.  My Star Wars Lego collection is quite large and valuable.  I've made a small fortune selling pieces on Ebay, even as it pains my nerdy heart to do so.

From time to time, I get my Legos out and film stop motion movies.  Before you judge me, remember that George Lucas has almost destroyed these movies.  He continues to tinker with the past, changing character's behaviors (we all know Han Solo shot Greedo first), and adding characters digitally that didn't need to be there.  Anything any fan does with a camera and a budget of $6.00 is almost as good as Lucas' latest attempts with millions of dollars.

And then there was the prequels.  Horrid writing and terrible acting aside, they weren't bad additions to the franchise, but they are hard to re-watch.  I can forgive Mark Hamill's rookie acting in the first three, but both Anakins in the prequels are worse than middle school production play acting.  And Jar Jar...

Before I go on a rant, let me just introduce Star Wars 3.5, the only thing we as Star Wars fans really wanted to see happen before the series was finalized.

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