When a Legend in Your Field Passes: A Poem for Vicki

When a legend in the world passes
They lower the flags to half mast 
When a legend like you passes
The sun shines with less sass

For you brought us all cheer 
Like a Santa all year
No matter our life issues
Your hugs were metaphorical tissues

You made everyone more alive
With a spirit uncontrived 
A genuine soul without limits
That made us feel like Emirates.  

When you called us a "little shit," 
We knew you loved us every bit 
Cause your saucy sailor's mouth 
Couldn't conceal a savior's worth

To many, that's what you forever are
A spike in a flat-lining day
A ray of light in a darkened age
A symbol of hope, like the Magi Star.  

Who knows how many you inspired 
To college, or whatever else transpired
But while content and success you spoke about
It was love that you most measured out

To the thousands of kids who graced your room
And needed the love of mom, dad, or someone soon
And felt for minutes the embrace of care
Of a stranger who treated us like we came from her womb 

We will miss you Vicki-
The world shines less bright tonight.
I'll remember your laugh, your controversial air
And the way that you didn't care 
About form or pomp or circumstance.  
How you loved gossip, but loved more
To spin it your way, in a way that we all could bear.  
They don't make 'em like you anymore,
So we will have to try and make do 
To remember that the style you loved, shared, cared is way overdue.  

The world seems less bright this night, 
But this silly sphere can't hold in your light
So tonight when I look out to the heavens 
I know I will see a new star shining alight
That's sassy and brassy and to darkness, an annoying spite.



  1. She would have cried reading this, Chris. nice.

  2. She was one spicy gal! I loved that woman and told her how amazing she was more than once. I'm glad I took the chance. There's no one else like her. All the cliches you hear after someone dies, about being so giving, so loving, etc., they were all true about her every day. And people told her.

    Favorite quotes:
    "Cuss word!"
    "Greg (Saunders, eating Cheetos and some other unhealthy snack for lunch), I'm worried about your colon!"
    "Knock it off or I'll string you all up with a wet noodle!"

    1. I think we all have good memories of her like that. It should be an eventful and joyous memorial (for once).

    2. I am speechless. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known. What a beautiful tribute, may she rest in peace (like she'd actually do that). Heaven will accept her with open arms, with dropped jaws. =)