Life Lessons Via 10 Star Wars Memes

Like all good hero's journeys, Star Wars has a number of life lessons to be learned.  Because I'm a teacher and understand the complexity of quality literature, I felt like it was my job to impart a few of the lesser known moral themes running throughout the franchise.  And since most didn't catch them the first time, instead of writing them out, I've put them in a format perfect for waning intellects; the picture meme.

We'll start easy, but there is a sonnet further take your time.

Shakespeare Hamlet Chewbacca Chewy C3PO disassembled Return of the Jedi Meme
Don't rebuild...Nothing's worse than C3PO's know-all-isms.  

Padme Amedala Anakin Skywalker balcony scene too cheap meme S&M bondage
I don't know.  He says amazingly poetic things about sand, Padme.  (The typos are an artistic choice).

Shmi Skywalker giving Anakin advice on Tatooine meme sorry, I was thinking about podracers
Squirrel!  Wait, what?  

Emperor Senator Palpatine recites Shakespeare's sonnet 18 to charred body of Anakin on Mustafar
Sadly, I did spend a little time coming up with this Shakespearean Sonnet.  

Darth Vadar playing catch with Luke Skywalker: Fatherhood Pass it along meme
He could've been such a good daddy.  

Thugs Meme:  Darth Vadar force choking personality disorders
How many times are we going to let talent override low character? 

Emperor Palpatine: Doing for the hoodie what Hitler did for the toothbrush mustache meme
No wonder I got followed around by store security in my youth, they thought I was a Sith!  

Han Solo in therapy with Greedo and guns Mos Eisley Cantina shot first
Greedo:  "Um hum, um hum...this might make you upset, so don't shoot me, but did you ever think maybe the
 reason you are such a nerf herder is because you secretly want to 'smuggle some goods with your mother,' if you
know what I mean..."

 stormtroopers in formation assembly complaining about pay and worth
Optimist vs. pessimist Stormtroopers 

Lando Calrissian as the token black guy in Star Wars Meme Quentin Tarantino Empire Strikes Back
Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman would've never accepted Lando's "token" role.  


  1. Ah, Star Wars. So many childhood lessons learned.
    #1. Don't fall for your sister.
    #2. Jabba the Hut is gross; don't deal with him.
    #3. Han Solo is cute but kind of an ass.
    #4. Princess Leia is a good, easy Halloween costume (one which I will proceed to recycle year after year).

    1. #1...It did feel like Lucas just wrote that brother/sister thing up while he was going...Kinda like how some seasons of Lost, where obviously there was no continuity guy on the set saying, "how are we going to explain this?"
      #4. My wife does the same thing. And it gets street cred in the school.

  2. These were amazing!! While it's hard to choose a favorite, I did enjoy the sonnet.

    I'm impressed that your students know of Star Wars. My friend teaches 9th grade History, and made some sort of Jedi reference that none, I repeat, NONE of his kids got. He ended up throwing the lesson out the window and telling then about Star Wars instead.

  3. I'd say 25% of kids are just as nuts about SW as we were. More than half have never seen it though.

    My wife was cracking up about the sonnet. Not for it's creativity, but because it will not earn back near the energy I put into it. A true labor of love (or nerdism).