Saviors, We Don't Need No Stinking Saviors

I got this
I'm good
I don't need a Savior

I've got my smart phone
and touch screen tablet
and 55" widget loaded television
with unlimited movies streaming straight to my screen

There's never a dull moment
there's always something to entertain
and drown away the sustain
of white noise and ennui

I got this
I'm good
I don't need a Savior

They make medicine for that
that calms and soothes and accentuates
Your natural skin tone, so ask
Your doctor how I lost 20 pounds today

It's over the counter now,
the patent wore off,
so there's twenty different versions
of the same thing with slightly different
side effects that are only mildly worse than
the original malady.

But that's okay if You don't believe
that corporate America wants to enhance your day
There's a homeopathic cure loaded with
oils essential from a South American tree
that Nobody can pronounce, so You can
guess it's healing power is distorted and expensive to boot
but conspiratorially, it's not been tested by the FDA

They got this
They're good
They never needed a Savior

So You're an Ironman now
and rode Your bike 50 miles today
all while eating bars made from
pure barely, wheatgrass and clay

On weekends You ride public transportation
and lowered Your ecological footprint
by building an outhouse and using the methane
to burn fuel in your '79 diesel Mercedes
that you once converted to biodiesel only to learn
that it was dirtier than leaded fuel mating with
oil from the Exxon Valdez
(these accusations have not been verified)

You build homes with custom niches and exotic woods
that You justify with alms to the Rainforest Foundation.
You're a vegan, mostly, and are against hunting of
all game, yet You proudly wear
Your all-too-tight shirt promoting your one, carnal love, bacon
that you think makes you unique and quaint
and rebellious to Your cause;
but eating pig is only mutinous in the Middle East

You got this
You're good
You don't need Anyone, including a Savior

We just need more laws
and legislators of merit working on our behalf
with the perfect ideology of party politics today
as if WE and POLITICS have ever been a universal band-aid
to anything other than lobbyists, mafiasts, and rich egotists.

We just need to get involved in our communities
and join another cause that might eliminate suffering
in a world away for only three dollars a day.
We just need to raise awareness and educate the masses
and maybe take a night class or read one more blog
or self-help book, or change careers to one more self-fulfilling
while enrolling Our children in one more activity that was denied
to Us when We were young because Our parents didn't see it as a need

We just need to film Ourselves being dumb
or make a meme saying something super profound
or write a disjointed self-righteous poem lamenting the day
while slathering social media with Our slime trying to increase Our Klout sway
We will be happy, We will be fine
We can entertain and self-medicate and activitize
and accentuate and educate and politicize
and feed Our soul as We universally internalize

We got this
We're good
We got so much other stuff, we don't need a Savior



  1. Sorry all, I know I'm not a poet...

    I just wrote this after hearing some really bad news about one of my favorite former students...Some are so lost.

  2. You wrote this. Wow. This is as close to a Rush song as you'vebeen so far.

  3. So lost...and so sad...and SO MUCH in need of a Savior.

  4. I rather like your poetry. Raw and real is a fine combination.